The final numbers are in for the Payne Nickles event from 9/17. They collected just over 21,500 pounds of paper to be destroyed. That is an amazing amount of paper. They helped save over 182 trees. To put it another way, this weight is about the same as a school bus and helicopter combined.
While we were unloading the truck and van, we were able to schedule 3 additional pick ups. We were also able to put a big dent in the mountains of paper. We shredded 16,000 lbs. of paper this week. We have had better weeks, but we spent most of Monday unloading everything.

I like to add something unrelated to work, but it is very hard to do this week after the amazing day Payne Nickles had.

About the pictures this week. One is the truck loaded with paper. By the way it did not all fit in 1 load. We had to make 2 trips to Sandusky and 3 trips to Norwalk to collect everything.

The other picture is sure to get me in trouble. My wife went to Sandusky to visit one of our daughters. She got pulled over by the Sandusky police in front of my daughters apartment. She is literally in the spot she would normally park. Fortunately my daughter was able to capture the moment.