Well fall is certainly upon us. Many of you realize this because the calendar says so. Some because it was my birthday last week. Ok, maybe only 1 person. Most realize this because of the cooler temperatures. We, Firelands Local, know it is fall because Payne Nickles had there community shred day last Thursday.

As usual, they had a great day. They collected a total of 24,680 pounds of paper. This is the equivalent of an armored car. Sandusky had a total of 11,111 lbs. collected. This year Norwalk came out on top with a total of 13,569 lbs. collected. The efforts of the wonderful associates and the community members that participated helped save 209.78 trees from being harvested.

Firelands Local wants to send a huge thank you to all the associates at both the Norwalk and Sandusky offices for their help with this event.

The pictures show our storage room filled after we collected all material. The other picture is the mountain of boxes created from emptying a portion of the material.