Today is such a great day. Why? It is my birthday, of course. I think that qualifies it as a great day.

Last week Payne Nickles held a shred drop off day at both there Norwalk office and there Sandusky office. This an event that they have been having for 10 years now. At the time of print, I do not have all the final totals. I can tell you that they will have more than doubled the totals from last year.

John and I began our tour last week.  We presented to the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.  We plan on continuing this going forward.  We always love the opportunity to talk about our people, our business and what we are doing.


Last week was a little slow for us.  We shredded 6,000 pounds of paper and recycled 1,500 pounds of cardboard.  We were also able to complete just over 18,000 units of production.

Please stay tuned for the final totals from the Payne Nickles event.  It will be extremely impressive.

This weeks pictures are from the same bean field last week.  The beans on the right and in pic 2 were an extremely bright golden color  that just stood out against its background.  I simply found it interesting to see the difference in color from one giant section to another giant section.