Last week was a somber reminder of just how precious life really is. I do not want to talk politics or religion in this newsletter. Unfortunately it can take deadly reminders to show us just how short it is. I encourage everyone to live life in a way that they would not regret when they get the chance to look back. Don’t be mad at family or friends over trivial things. Forgive your co-workers and stay positive. This is one of the reasons I am always waving at other vehicles that are providing a public service. Yes, the other reason is because it can be very hard for me to tell our vehicles apart from others. It is still hard to describe the feeling when you see a total stranger with a smile on there face when they wave back. The worst part of Labor Day…I can no longer wear white after today.
I recently found out that at some time in the near future, I will not have a regular column in the CLI newsletter.  I know that puts a smile on many faces.  For those of you that just smiled, I have been give an open invitation to the newsletter.

Despite last week only being a 4 day week, we were pretty busy.
We provided 6 quotes on new jobs.
We shredded 11,000 pounds of paper and recycled 4500 pounds of cardboard.
We also completed 31,000 units of production.

If you are reading this today (Monday) then you are probably disappointed that the Browns have started this season like most, with a loss.