Normally I start with some kind of PSA but today that will come later. I want to acknowledge the awesome group of people that we have shredding. If you remember, we collected over 21,000 pounds of paper from Payne Nickles. We were able to finish this job with a week left before our deadline. Last week Roxanne, Matt and Margaret (and me a little) shredded 31,000 pounds of paper. We also baled another 5,000 pounds of cardboard.
Now for the psa portion. There are many things happening right now that remind us of fall. The calendar, leaves changing, temperatures, corn and bean fields being harvested. As a reminder, when all of this stuff is happening, it also means that the deer will be out moving around much more than they have been. In fact, there were 4 deer at the corner of Jefferson near the pallet company in someone’s front yard looking at us in the shuttle. So we all need to keep our awareness up and keep an eye for these guys and gals.

As far as production goes, we were also able to complete 23,000 units.

Mother nature has a lot of beauty that she loves to show off. I have included a picture of a recent sunrise.