It sure feels like the weather was waiting for the calendar to change to November. I have had several people tell me they saw some snow showers last week. I even learned a new word last week.

Graupel. One of the weather forecasts I saw was calling for graupel. Never heard of this before but it is a legit weather thing. It is often referred to as soft hail. It is the stuff that looks like small Styrofoam balls.

I am attaching 2 pictures.

The picture with a bird is actually an eagle perched high above steel vengeance at Cedar Point last week.

The other picture is an incredible sunrise. Many of you have realized that I loved taking pictures of the natural beauty that is all around us if we stop and look for it. We are all extremely busy and get set in our routines. It can be very easy to overlook things that can be right in front of us. I would encourage everyone to look around once in a while at your surroundings and you may be surprised at the beauty that has always been there for you to enjoy.

We were busy last week with several large shred pickups and drop offs. We also had our monthly 1st wed drop off. We had 44 people drop off 1900 lbs. of material to be shredded.

We shredded 13,000 pounds of paper and recycled 6,000 pounds of cardboard. We also completed 31,000 units of production.