I do not normally put to much personal stuff in my letters. Today is the exception. My wife, Sandy, and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful person that made a commitment to me on 7-25-1992.

For those of you that know me, I am sure you agree that my wife is a wonderful person. Some of you even refer to her as a “saint”. That phrase is usually in a sentence that goes something like this…”you have been married for 30 yrs, your wife must be a saint to deal with you for that long”.

Last week was another busy week for us. We had 4 more people working at the workshop. 2 of which are new and 2 are returnees.

We will be having a FL and CLI reunion on Friday 8/12/22 from 2-6. We are inviting all folks that have either worked here or received services to come back and reunite with old friends and familiar faces.

Our next drop off date is 8/3 from 9-2