Another good week in the books. I hope everyone was able to get a chance to go to the fair last week. While I am not the biggest fan of fairs, it was great to drive by and see all the cars, campers, and people that were out and about.

I have 2 pictures below. I am not sure if anyone remembers the fog we had last Tuesday, but it was pretty intense in some areas. The first picture shows the bowling alley in Willard on the right. I am only about 30 yards from the building. I pulled over to take the photo.
The second photo is the Willard reservoir. There is a dock at the bottom of the picture but you can’t see the water beyond it.

Production picked up last week at the workshop. We had four jobs come in. We completed about 7,000 units at the workshop alone. Our crew at MTD was able to complete 18,000 units.

We shredded 12,000 pounds of paper and processed another 5,000 pounds of cardboard. We were able to fill and ship our second truckload of material out to the recycler.

I am reminded that , now that the fair is over, school is either starting for folks or about to start. Please, everyone be on the lookout for buses and be mindful of the many children that will be in the crosswalks.