Last week was a pretty good week.

Our MTD crew saw at least 1 deer each day and we had 2 eagle sightings.

I also wanted to provide an update to our “waving” campaign.  At this point, the shuttle crew waives to just about every white van/shuttle that we go by.  We also enjoy waving to local police, sheriff, and the Highway Patrol.  I know that a lot of folks think this is a silly thing to do.  I can honestly say that it puts a smile on each person’s face when someone returns a wave.  We would like to think that it puts a smile on the other person’s face as well.  Even if they are just thinking that we are strange, at least they smiled.  As life goes by, we all get focused on the things that are important to us.  It is human nature.  How often do any of us take a moment to think about what they could do that would be a positive influence on someone else day, week or month.  A wave or a smile are a great option for this.  The best part, they are both free.

8/4 was our 1st. Wed drop off day and we had 33 customers who brought us 1,122 lbs. of paper to be shredded.

Production.  We completed 23,500 units and shredded 10,000 lbs. of paper.

Did you know that we also recycle boat wrap and shrink wrap?
So far this year we have recycled 34,126 lbs.