What a crazy world we live in.  Who would have guessed a year ago that we would be in a situation where there were more jobs available than people wanting them.

I know lots of businesses are trying to figure out their staffing problems.  It may be worthwhile to contact us about your staffing needs.  We have a unique ability to adapt to your needs.  We may not be the fastest group in town, but we are extremely reliable and produce a high quality product.

Last week we shredded 8600 lbs. of paper and processed 1800 pounds of cardboard.
We also completed 39,000 units.
Fun fact:  Did you know that for every 2,000 pounds of paper that we shred and recycle, we are saving 17 trees.  Just last week alone, we/you helped save 73.1 trees.
Once again, our next drop off event will be 7/7 and we will be closed on Monday 7/5 for the holiday.
Everyone stay safe and enjoy the long weekend.