Newsletter: May 9, 2022

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the Mom’s.

Business has been continuing to grow this year. Shredding, assembly and plastic wrap recycling have been very busy.
We recently started a project that we are super excited about. We have named it “The Foam Project”. We named it this because it is foam. This is a project that is projected to last for a few years. The best part is that everyone we employ has been able to work on this project. In fact, last Monday the crew was challenged to complete 11,000 units. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they completed 13,500 and blew my goal away.

We also had a pretty good week with the rest of our production. We completed a total of 57,000 units.

Shredding continues to boom. We completed 16,000 lbs. of paper and 3,000 lbs. of cardboard.

We also collected 2,800 lbs. of boat wrap.

All of these positive numbers mean that Firelands Local is hiring. We are looking for 1 full time employee. If you want to join our team please fill out an application here:

Newsletter: April 4, 2022

Well April is finally here. The spring weather is upon us. Well at least if you can look past the tiny blizzards and cold blowing wind it is.

3/25 was our annual shred drop off day. We collected 16,825 lbs. from 23 customers. That was a 30% increase in weigh from last year. I would like to thank all the folks that took part in our event. Together we helped save 143 trees from being harvested.

We followed that up with another busy week. We started service for 2 new customers and completed 3 purges totaling just over 12,000 lbs.

Production was very busy as well completing 31,000 units.
We shredded 24,000 lbs. of paper last week and collected 8,000 lbs. of cardboard for recycling.

We continue to grow and are looking someone who like to be part of our growth. We have an opening for a full time person that will be helping in all areas that we operate. If you are interested, please apply at

Newsletter: March 21, 2022

The year is flying by. It is hard to believe it is already time for our annual drop off day.

Friday March 25th from 10-5 you can bring you paper for destruction. The first 500 pounds are free. That is a $125 value. Each pound after that will be .25. Last year we collected just under 13,000 pounds of paper. We would love to get over 20,000 this year.

We are also looking to add another person to our growing team. Please see the job posting in the careers section of our website to apply.


We: Shredded 19,000 pounds of paper
Recycled 6,000 pounds of cardboard
Completed 36500 units of assembly

Did you know that we can recycle the wrap from your boat? If you are interested, please give us a call to see what we offer.

Newsletter: January 31, 2022

I know it has been a few minutes since there was an update.

We are finalizing our grant application with OhioEPA to go towards the purchase of a collection vehicle. The primary use of this truck will be for the collection of plastic wrap. This will also include boat wrap as we are partnering with several organizations to help facilitate this activity. You will certainly be hearing more about this project once we are approved for our grant. We are shipping out 8,000 pounds of baled plastic today.

January has been extremely busy from a production standpoint as well. Shredding: We shredded just over 90,000 pounds of paper. That is 45 tons in Jan. alone. This will help save the equivalent of 765 trees from being harvested. We were also able to recycle 11.5 tons of cardboard. In January we also completed over 100,000 units of production.

We completed our largest single job ever in January. The total weight on the shred project was 42,952 lbs. of paper.

Please be aware of your health in this cold weather. No matter how healthy you are, cold is cold. Limit your skin exposure as much as you can.

Newsletter: January 3, 2022


I guess we will have to get used to writing 2022 on everything now.

We are back to work today and looking forward to another great year.

I would like to remind everyone that we will be having our drop off event this Wed. 1/5/22 from 9-2.

Newsletter: December 27, 2021

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Firelands is closed this week to give all of our employees the opportunity to spend some quality time with there families and get some much deserved time off.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our business partners and customers who have worked with us this past year. It has been a crazy year. We look forward to being able to continue to work with you in the coming years.

Description of the picture. I get asked all the time “What does it look like when your cardboard baler throws up?” OK, no one has actually asked me that. I am including a picture of what it looks like.

I hope everyone enjoys the New Year celebrations in a safe manner. See you all next year.

Newsletter: December 13, 2021

We are another week closer to the end of the year. It has been extremely busy for us with shredding. We have collected over 40,000 pounds of paper already this month. We have another 20,000 + pounds to collect and January is already filling up for large pick ups. This is the time of year when companies have the opportunity to get rid of old files that they no longer keep. We just had our monthly drop off and gathered 1,300+ pounds from 36 customers.

Production has been very productive as we were able to complete 24,000 units. We baled 2,000 pounds of cardboard and have shredded 18,000 pounds of paper. We are shipping out our second truckload of recycled material already for the month. We set a goal to finish the year out with three loads.

Have a great week.

Newsletter: November 29, 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

We enjoyed a short 3 day work week. Even with it being a short week we still collected over 19,000 pounds of paper to be shredded and another 2500 pounds of cardboard.

Our production crews stayed busy and completed 10,000 units as well. I would like to remind everyone that this Wed. 12/1 from 9-2 is our monthly drop off service. We hope to see you then.

Newsletter: November 22, 2021

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you get time off, enjoy it. My wife recently started a new tradition with our family. After we say grace, we pause and go around the table and everyone says what they are grateful for. It gives each of us a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. It is really fun when we get to the young people at the dinner. We never know for sure what they will say.

Now that winter seems to be settling in, we have been getting multiple calls for purges of material. As a reminder, a purge is a shred job that is more than 500 lbs. Last week, we had 4. We are in the process of completing a 1,000 box purge today. I also have 6 additional pending purges. That is when a customers sets a tentative date but is not quite ready for us to come and get the material.

Production last week was good. We shredded 10,000 pounds of paper and recycled another 3,000 pounds of cardboard and we also completed 23,000 units.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!!